Liberum Developers Forum and Global Summit held successfully

On February 12, 2020, the liberum Developer Conference and global summit forum were held at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai, an important city of the United Arab Emirates. The conference invited global industry celebrities and participants in the public chain ecosystem of liberty, the Singapore foundation of liberty, as well as volunteer representatives to make project presentations on the theme of combining the public chain technology of liberty with practical application scenarios.

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been raging in recent days, resulting in the cancellation or extension of almost all the meetings in China. With the spread and aggravation of the epidemic, banquets of overseas countries are also restricted by local governments. The UAE government also issued a policy to prohibit holding large-scale meetings during this period, so as to avoid the spread of the epidemic caused by crowd gathering. However, considering that the global fans of liberum are eager to get together to discuss the future mood of liberum, the organizers of the conference temporarily decided to reduce the original meeting of 500 people to 50 blockchain experts and industry elites to attend, in response to the health policy of the UAE government.


Liberum uses HWD POW as the core algorithm, which can effectively prevent 51% attacks while ensuring the decentralized characteristics of the public chain. By separating transaction and smart contract and designing fixed block algorithm, the block speed, success rate, delay, server cost and scalability cost of the main network of liberum break through the past technical barriers and greatly surpass the same underlying public chain on the market. Since the independent online line of the project, it has been concerned at home and abroad.

This first liberum Developer Conference specially invited Hashim Khan, President of UAE blockchain Association, to give a speech. He believes that success comes from the correct judgment and selection of the general trend and the accurate grasp of the opportunity. The future blockchain industry will be the era of application as the king, and technology needs to serve the industry demand. As a big emerging investment country, UAE will vigorously promote the development of blockchain industry. At the same time, Mr. Hashim believes that liberum is the project with the most opportunity to subvert and innovate blockchain technology after etherum, and expresses his best wishes for the future development of liberum.


Subsequently, molotkovich Artem, chief scientist of liberum, delivered a wonderful speech. He shared the leading global technology, special economic model, trillions of level ecological planning and powerful communities at home and abroad. He said that the success of liberum does not lie in its development of many original blockchain technologies, its unique economic model, or even its powerful community, but in its deep and accurate grasp of the landing direction and practical application of blockchain technology, and the precise mechanism design for this purpose.

With the in-depth explanation of the technology and the end of the analysis of the future ecological planning, molotkovich untied the mystery of the version 2.0 of the liberty wallet for the guests present, and pointed out that the version would be available before March. Finally, he made a passionate speech with “blockchain value vision and future”, telling the guests that the future of blockchain lies in the application. The reason why he chose liberty is because he firmly believes that it is the most suitable public chain for business. He encouraged us to seize opportunities and stick to faith.


It is understood that the original idea of the “liberum Developers Conference” is that “the blockchain is not only limited to the currency circle, but also to the technology itself. It can be implemented and integrated with the real economy, and there have been successful cases. We, liberum, have the obligation to push these applications to the masses of the people, so that they can understand blockchain again and use it better. “

So far, the first global developer conference of liberum was successfully held in Dubai, UAE, and it is planned to be held in Thailand, Singapore, Europe, the United States, Japan and other overseas regions in the future. At that time, we welcome a large number of liberum global fans, blockchain experts and tycoons, domestic and foreign media and institutions to visit the site, discuss the application of blockchain technology and witness the process of application landing of blockchain!

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