Why so many people expect Liberum Wallet 2.0 version

After mainnet of Liberum launched at the end of January, there is many analysis to do some tests on the chain. According to their results, we found the conclusion that Liberum is greatly surpassing other public chains currently on the market. While this is an exciting milestone, the launch event is just the beginning. LIBERUM has the potential to change our world.

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At the beginning of February, Liberum Wallet team announced that they will launch 2.0 version in March. They mentioned that it is a hard work co-operated with Liberum chain core team to develop the updated version because it is going to add a range of functions related to the Liberum chain.


According to the trailer, 2.0 version will change the whole UI and release Miner Batter, Liberum Chat, One-click coin issuance and other functions. In order to know more about them, we got in touch with Liberum Wallet team and be the first beta user to experience this version.

Miner Batter


As Liberum wallet team said, they made Miner Battle that closely integrates with the technical characteristics of the blockchain because they want to increase the interest, fairness and strategy of Star Players. They decided to reward Star Players all their Burst bonus that the team received. “The rules and results are open and transparent, and can be queried in the Liberum blockchain browser.” Mike, team leader of Miner Batter developing team, stated.


We consumed 2 LBR to try the game and found that it is really fun. 10% of the total LBRs participating in the battle burned according to explorer. You might get big rewards from the battler. And the result is match with block explorer. With the usage of LBR increases, the circulation decreases so that the value of LBR is increasing. Thus, we believed this function will attract many players participate and LBR’s price is rising.

Liberum Chat


Another significant function of 2.0 version is their chat system. Liberum chat is a new end-to-end encrypted instant messaging technology based on the DIM Protocol. We realized the Liberum anonymous chat system does not require the registration of personal information such as mobile phone numbers, email etc. It caused by asymmetric encryption technology and DIM Protocol ensure that communications are completely anonymous and guarantees the security of communication between two or more parties participating in the chat. It means no third party (including the software developer) can check your information.


The chief scientist of DIM Protocol Albert Moky told us that Liberum instant messaging accounts and contacts can be freely exported to other APPs with one-click, so users do not need to open multiple accounts for different APP but they still can communicate across platforms/APPs without any barriers. Besides the Liberum chat has Transfer and Lucky money functions to escort the convenience and security of instant messaging soon.

One-click coin issuance

What the most players and investors concerned is one-click coin issuance function. It is focused on providing Liberum-based token technology solutions for Star Players. This feature simplifies the tedious process of issuing digital currency assets in the past, helps new player launch their assets on the chain, and is committed to allowing all Star Players to seamlessly access the token economy.


Due to its importance, we tested and experienced. It is user-friendly and really easy to use. Only filling in the name, short name, amount and logo of the tokens to be issued, then the new tokens were done without any programming knowledge. The new token deposited in our Liberum wallet automatically after issuing new tokens successfully. If you want to transfer your new tokens, you only need to operate in wallet as BTC or other digital assets.

It not difficult to see that there will be countless companies issuing IC1101 tokens through this function. With the number of LBR usage scenarios increase and 50 LBR that Star Player paid fully burned, the strict deflation mechanism make LBR more value and potential.



Although Liberum Wallet 2.0 may still have some small issue because of beta version, we still enjoy our experience. It will became the popular DAPP at the market after adjust the beta and launch the formal version.

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