Recently, a low-profile project surfaced. Geeks around the world named it Liberum. Liberum takes HWD-PoW as the core algorithm, while ensuring high decentralization of the public chain, it effectively prevents attacks. Liberum makes a huge improvement on TPS, block generation rate, success rate, server costs and scalability costs so that it greatly surpassing other underlying public chains currently on the market.


Liberum arouse our interest then we decided to start investigation. We found that initial ideas of Liberum started from 2017 and first presenter is a Canadian genius geek, Albert Campbell. He claimed he was tired of Internet oligarchs, there is a will breaking the monopoly via decentralized blockchain technology and helping Internet back to the essense. In order to make his dream come ture, Albert designed a new underlying blockchain architecture after two years of research. Then he published his whitepaper Liberum - An Open Blockchain Development Platform Operating Platform via encrypted email. A number of well-known cryptographic and blockchain experts received and interested in his works.


With the help of Shawn Fanning, the founder of Napster, the world’s leading P2P platform, Albert’ s white paper spread among the geek quickly and widely . Many experts who live in seclusion and famous geek teams have joined the Liberum project to co-develop the Liberum’s sub-chains and applications. They claimed they are volunteer of Liberum and always use the email and forum under deepweb to communicate in order to keep the anonymity, decentralization, equality, fairness, and openness of the Liberum.


Last week, core team announced Liberum main net will launch at Janauary 2020 by email. Then we saw there is volunteer starting to set up some official account such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Telegram and it attracts lots of volunteers, investors and miners following.


Anna Svechinskaya, known as the sexiest geek in Europe, is optimistic about the prospects of Liberum since she read the tenicial details from whitepaper, so she led her Russian team to get close with Albert and pay close attention to the progress of the public chain. Their team is developing a cloud mining Dapp on Liberum because they deemed Liberum will change the blocakchain industry and there is the wide range of followers and participants in the future. She told us,“Liberum will be the next Etherum in next coming days.”

Will Liberum be the next Ethereum?We tried to get the answer by anaylze from different aspects.


First of all, Liberum pioneered a one-click setting up sub-chain and created a more efficient service,lower cost, better flexibility and simplicity underlying system of the blockchain. It breaks the technical barriers of blockchain development, greatly improving transaction processing speed, increasing the cost and difficulty of attacks, implementing a one-click setting up sub-chain and customizable sub-chain consensus algorithm, supporting cross-chain. In other words, everyone can easily build their own blockchain empire via Liberum without coding knowledge in the future.

What is more, due to the extremely high requirements for blockchain performance in commercial applications, Liberum is committed to solving the problem of limited performance of existing blockchains. It adopts parallel expansion technology, through one-click setting up sub-chain, customizable sub-chain consensus algorithms, asynchronous smart contracts, and these core keys of smart contracts implemented in the form of sub-chains become chain factories, helping companies build multiple independent chains and distributing business to each chain. Cross-chain technology is used to communicate between chains to meet the tens of millions TPS requirements. From another perspective, Liberum is one of the important engines driving the commercial implementation of blockchain technology and may trigger millions of new generations of blockchain applications coming out.


Last but not least, because of fair, free and open enough, there are many geeks and enthusiasmer followers from various countries join in and then be the ecological developers and volunteers of the Liberum. The core development team keeps in close contact with them and assist them in technical part, but never interferes with their operations.Based on the data published on the market, the ecology and development of the sub-chain and DAPP based on Liberum has been very strong. There are Liberum decentrilized exchange, encrypted social applications, cross-platform instant messaging based on DIMP(Decentrilized Instant Messaging Protocol), digital asset custody, digital asset clearing, digital asset exchange, digital index investment, asset securitization and other applications.



We got reason to believe the Liberum ecosystem will greatly increase the value that may be created in the future. Therefore, many of geeks and volunteers believed the value of Liberum will be incalculable and it may over Etherum soon.

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